Year: 2023

Newly appointed GIC Director – Josine Overdevest

Josine Overdevest, winner of the 2023 David O’Leary award, has joined the IFIP IP3 Global Industry Council. Josine’s vast and varied experience, as well as her dual passions for bridging the digital divide and ethics, makes her a valuable addition

Josine Overdevest wins David O’Leary award

Josine Overdevest, MD of Flying Cows of Jozi, IITPSA Member; Board Director; and chair of the Social and Ethics committee, was announced at IFIPs General Assembly in Bratislava on 20 September, as the winner in 2023. On receiving the award,

If the AI routine doubts itself…

If you study the workings of a human cell, you get a fraction of the infinite possibilities and richness of human life. For example, the mitochondria that make energy from any number of elemental substances, release proteins, make viruses (yes

Broader and Deeper

Broader and deeper Just when I am getting a bit tired of ChatGPT messages, another one comes along that attracts attention. A nice experience that ChatGPT asks a ‘human’ to help overcome the Captcha step, because the routine can’t do