The IFIP IP3 board and members were saddened to hear of the passing of Brenda Aynsley. Brenda served as IP3 Chair for six years and inspired all who worked with her with her passion for Professionalism, Trust in Computing, Ethics, and Gender issues.  She demonstrated superb leadership qualities. In my opinion a good leader:

  • Lives the ideals that they evangelize
  • Gets you to do something you don’t necessarily agree with
  • Is consistent in their behaviour and attitude, but still has the courage to change her mind

Brenda embodied all these qualities and more,  and leaves us with a legacy we will continue in her memory. I know I will always consider “what would Brenda do in this situation?”.

Brenda would hate me using this picture but to me, it epitomizes the strong woman she was. Despite undergoing Chemotherapy, she still travelled to Geneva in May 2016 to attend the WSIS forum.

Many members sent messages to wish her farewell,  and many more have sent messages of condolence.

Immediate Past President of IFIP, Leon Strous “Brenda was tireless in explaining and promoting the good cause of professionalism. During her period as chair, IP3 was more solidly embedded in the IFIP structure which benefitted the promotion of it. She also contributed many times to events organized by UN organizations like ITU and UNESCO about (first) the Millennium Development Goals and (later) the Sustainable Development Goals. She strongly believed that assisting developing countries in achieving professionalism in their ICT workforce would contribute to achieving the SDGs. And this was advocated in many workshops in Geneva and other places.  It was a privilege for me to have known Brenda and to have worked with her on the goals of our community. She was a true driving force, sometimes impatient but always optimistic that ultimately the goals would be achieved. A storyteller with a great sense of humour. She will be dearly missed.”

“Dear Brenda, I came to know that you are not well. Prayers of mine, my wife Sasani and kids are with you. I also want to thank you for all the support you have given me, especially the start you gave me in South Australia, which created the path for me to get to where I am today, becoming a board director at ACS, President of CSSL with which I have changed CSSL for good with a few historic milestones and a Board member of IFIP. All this was started because of the opportunity you gave me on my arrival in Australia. Stay strong.  Be happy for all what you have done for this world including people like me. ” – Yasas V. Abeywickrama from Sri Lanka (read to Brenda before she died).

Yasas also shared this link to an interview that Brenda did five years ago. She tells of her career and her vision for the IT Industry

“Brenda was a wonderful friend to so many people and a doughty campaigner for the causes she took up. She really made a difference and her spirit will live on for many years through all the people whose lives she touched. A great person and an awesome example to us all” – Roger Johnson (BCS), a founding member of IP3, who served as Chair before Brenda.

“Brenda passed away this morning, finally being released from the burden of her illness. She will be sorely missed as a friend and colleague but her legacy lives on through our commitment to her ideals.” – Adrian Schofield, Chair SAC, IITPSA Fellow.

“We have lost a strong leader and great friend. I can still hear her encouraging words, “We are making progress!”, as she was always the optimist. She will be missed. ” – Brenda Byers, past CIPS representative, and Director.

The ACS posted a fitting tribute to Brenda “Honorary Life Member and Fellow of ACS Brenda Aynsley OAM passed away on Sunday, 12 August after a long battle with illness. Brenda was an incredible champion of both ACS and the broader ICT profession. She holds the distinction of being the first female President of ACS, befitting her strong advocacy on diversity and inclusion. Brenda was ACS President 2014-2015, and held Vice President portfolios in 2002-2003 and 2010-2011.” – read more of this tribute to read more about this amazing woman

Anyone who knew Brenda is invited to add a comment to this page, simply send me an email to and I will add it. We will share it with Sharon, her spouse, and lifelong partner.