IP3 Accreditation Support

IP3 is committed to providing guidance and support to all eligible bodies that aspire to gain accreditation, whatever their current state of readiness. A support program has been created to assist aspirant organizations. Access to the support program is only available to IP3 Member organizations. Visit the Join Us page to register for IP3 Member status.

The simplified Accreditation Guide will be very useful, and you are encouraged to download it.

IP3 Member Registration Fees

The fees, as well as the Registration Form, can be found here (login as guest).

Support Program

The support program is open to all IP3 Member bodies. Member registration will signal that an organization has taken the first step towards accreditation.

The support will include:

√ Access to general advice and guidance on accreditation issues.
√ A dedicated area on the IP3 website.
√ Updates to assessment guidelines and other documentation.
√ Facilitating links between organizations where appropriate.
√ Encouraging accredited associations to provide support (e.g. policies, processes and education programs)
√ Access to status review and mentoring services.

Registration will also give a voice in the development of IP3. Member organizations will be consulted when major changes to requirements are planned. It is also proposed that one of the IP3 Board Members should be elected from the aspirant Member community.

Support Services

Status Review

Registered organizations can also gain access to experienced IP3 assessors to undertake an accreditation application status review. This review may be requested at any stage in the process. The assessor will consult with the organization and prepare a non-binding report outlining the state of accreditation readiness and will provide advice on how to achieve full application-ready status. The organization is responsible for any status review related expenses the assessor incurs (including travel and time).

Mentoring service

At any time after a status review, a registered body may request IP3 to appoint an experienced assessor to provide advice and guidance through the application preparation process. The organization is responsible for any status review related expenses the assessor incurs (including travel and time).

Observer status at an Assessment

Where the IP3 Chief Assessor is satisfied that a member body is close to being ready to make an application for accreditation, a representative of that body may be invited to sit on an assessment panel as an observer. This way, a body can obtain a deeper understanding of both the requirements and the process for accreditation.

IP3 Accreditation without Member Registration

IP3 Member registration (and associated access to the Support Program)is strongly encouraged but is not obligatory.The completion of the IP3 Accreditation Application requires a significant amount of effort and aspiring organizations should not complete the application until they have first consulted with IP3 about their accreditation readiness. IP3 will not accept accreditation applications until the organization’s readiness has been reviewed and approved by the Chief Assessor.

The IP3 Application and Guidelines document provides useful information and guidance to aspiring organizations and organizations that are at the point of application. The Application Guidelines were built on the ISO standards 17024 and 24773. If an organization has received ISO 17024 accreditation, then it will be exempted from the IP3 governance audit of the accreditation review.