IITPSA Achieves IP3 Accreditation for a Second Term with noteworthy “firsts”

IP3 is pleased to announce that IITPSA (Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa) has completed the process of renewing the accreditation of its professional recognition schemes with flying colours. The IP3 Board approved the recommendation of the Standards and Accreditation Council earlier in December to extend the accreditation for a further five years unconditionally.

The evaluation process was notable for several reasons. It was the first to be completed remotely, with the assessors remaining at their home bases on different continents. It was the first to be completed without the need for interviews, thanks to the high quality of the comprehensive documentation submitted by IITPSA in support of their application. It was the first to accredit a SFIA Level 7 designation, recognising the role of Professional CIO (Pr.CIO).

This latter “first” is significant, because it recognises the crucial role played by CIOs in setting and implementing the strategy for enterprises, addressing the needs of the business, the appropriate technology, and the provision of skilled resources to support the integration of technology into the business. The certification scheme also encompasses the importance of governance, compliance, and ethical behaviour in the CIO’s portfolio. Achieving the Pr.CIO designation requires an appropriate mix of academic qualifications, relevant experience, assessment of competence, and satisfying a peer review interview.

Tony Parry, IITPSA’s CEO, stresses that this certified designation is specifically aimed at senior practitioners in a CIO (or equivalent) role and was motivated at the request of the CIO Council in South Africa. He emphasises that the Professional Member (PMIITPSA) designation remains appropriate for all other senior practitioners at SFIA Level 5 and above.


Chair IP3 Vice President IFIP