A group of elected officers is responsible for the IP3’s strategy, direction and governance. The IP3 Board reports to the IFIP General Assembly and IFIP Board.


The principal purpose of the IP3 Board is to establish IT as a profession that is recognized and valued globally and shares the same key strategic features as established professions.

Key Responsibilities

In support of its purpose, the IP3 Board will:

  • promote and communicate the benefits and substance of professionalism in IT;
  • articulate and communicate the value of certification of individuals and demand for quality programmes ;
  • define international standards for professionalism in IT;
  • accredit IP3 member societies which meet these standards to grant recognition to individual, professionals who meet and maintain the required standards for knowledge, experience, competence and integrity, as recommended by the accreditation team;
  • encourage and support the development of IT professional bodies, IT practitioners and employer organizations in support of the IP3 Board’s purpose.

Strategic Planning and Management

The IP3 Board will be responsible for:

  • Establishing and maintaining a business plan to fulfill its key responsibilities
  • Reporting annually to IFIP GA against the business plan and presenting the business plan for the following calendar year
  • Executing the business plan
  • Raising financial resources and supervising their expenditure in fulfillment of the business plan
  • Admitting new members to IP3 in accordance with IP3’s membership rules
  • Establishing committees to assist in fulfillment of the business plan
  • When needed, recommending to IFIP the engagement of staff to support the IP3 Board’s work.

IP3 Board Composition

The board will comprise Eleven (11) members made up as follows

IFIP representative (on a permanent basis); Seven (7) board members elected from qualifying IP3 members. Founding members who are still IP3 members will automatically have a seat on the board;  Up to three co-opted members appointed by the IP3 Board.