GIC Thought Leadership

This Thought Leadership paper was authored by the IFIP IP3 Global Industry Council, a forum where ICT Leaders from around the globe consider aspects which affect the ICT profession, and all organizations who deploy digital technologies. It is a call to the UN and its agencies to consider new approaches when working with government and global business to implement and measure the SDGs. Several large companies already report on their efforts in their sustainability reports, but this must become the norm. Start-ups should also be encouraged to think about sustainability from inception, and investors have a role to play in promoting and supporting this.


It is a fact that technologies develop exponentially. Without doubt, the number of new technologies developed within the last decade is much higher than the number of technologies developed within the last century. However, the evolution rate of nature and humankind and is much slower. The consequence of this is that a gap has developed between the two that, and not surprisingly, this gap is also growing exponentially. This fact is part of our contemporary lives, but the time has come to seriously consider the manifestations resulting from this because the rate of technological growth has now escalated to levels that are so high that they threaten humanity.

Download the full paper. GIC article Coping with the Monster