IP3 Presentations and Papers

We are pleased to make these presentations available to you. Should you wish to obtain the MS PowerPoint version, write to editor@ipthree.org

Internet Governance Forum 2017 “Go0d Governance is a Professional Standard which builds Trust and Cybersecurity in the entire digital ecosystem” IFIP IP3 IGF Presentation December 2017

SEARCC2017 – iDOCED – Trust 15 September 2017

NITC 2017 – Responsive & Reliable Presentation 14 September 2017

IFIP IP3 Artificial Intelligence WSIS 2017 SI

World Computer Congress 2015 (Daejeon)

WSIS 2013 Presentation

WSIS 2013 Journey to Professionalism

IT & Professionalism in Developing countries – focus on Africa (as presented at WCC2008)

A global ICT Profession – Dream or reality (as presented at CSZ Summer School 2011)

Professional Certification of ICT Practitioners in Australia (Paper by Brenda Aynsley & Ruth Graham,  ACS)

IFIP World Computer Congress 2008

Please note: Springer Publishing has provided free access (after simple registration) to all proceedings from the IFIP World Congress in Milan. To gain access follow this Link and then access the information via the “IFIP Corner” to the right side of that screen.

IFIP World Computer Congress 2010