David O’Leary Award by REDDS Capital

IFIP IP3 acknowledges an individual or organization that has promoted and demonstrated Professionalism (Professional Practice), has worked as an Ethics Evangelist, and/or has made strides in fostering diversity among ICT practitioners. An individual or organization can be nominated.

Please use the nomination form: David-OLeary-Award-Nomination Form-2024

The criteria used will include:

  • Professionalism – demonstrated commitment to all aspects of ICT professional practice:
    • Continuous Professional Development
    • Service to organization and the broader community
    • Trustworthiness
    • Accountability
    • Pride in the profession and setting a good example.

  • Ethics evangelism – in addition to ethical behavior, takes every opportunity to spread the Ethics message.

  • Fosters diversity – works to promote gender, race, and digital equity.

The David O’Leary award includes a cash prize of USD1500, and travel to IFIPs General Assembly to receive the prize (maximum travel allowance is USD1000).. The person who nominates the winner will be rewarded with an Amazon gift card to the value of USD100.

The winner in 2019 was Mary Cleary. The award was not made in 2020 because the General Assembly took place as a virtual meeting due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. The award was made in 2021 despite their being no physical meeting for GA. The winner in 2021 was Don Gotterbarn. Frits Bussemaker won the award in 2022, while Josine Overdevest won in 2023.

A panel of at least three judges from the Global Industry Council and the IFIP board will adjudicate the award and make the final decision.

The IFIP IP3 David O’Leary award was named for and honors a man who made an enormous contribution to the IFIP Global Industry Council and who embodied and was a role model for all the qualities of a true Professional.

David passed away in 2018. At the time, Stephen Ibaraki wrote a tribute to his extensive achievements:

“In communities, education, academia–Dave was awarded the nation’s highest academic leadership award, serving two terms government ICT Sector Council; Chair of the National Council of IT Deans (top leadership bodies); several terms as academic Dean, CIO, Vice-President; presenting papers and speaking at global conferences for the UN and IEEE.

“In science and government—Dave served on the UN-founded elite IFIP Global Industry Council, chief editor Global Skills Report; two terms with ACM Practitioner Board (PB) Professional Development Committee, Chair PB Marketing Committee; two terms as President CIPS BC (CIPS government-chartered IT organization representing Canadian IT professionals); Dave contributed to national privacy legislation and first nations programs.

“In industry—Dave served as founding CEO for award-winning Igen Knowledge Solutions; top writer for IDG-IT World (largest IT media); founding general partner REDDS Capital (Venture Investment Partners).”

Funding for this award is from a Trust, and the donation was made on behalf of REDDS Capital, of which David was a founding partner.

For more information, or to submit a nomination, email award@ipthree.org