WCC 2018

IP3 in partnership with KNVI and PTI delivered two workshop sessions at the World Computer Congress (WCC) in Poznan, Poland from 18 to 21 September 2018. For more information see wcc2018.org.

Some of the presentations can be found below. If you need the presentation in PowerPoint format, email me, and I will send to you (with permission from the presenter).

Mary Cleary – e-CF and TC 428

MB – Frameworks in an Academic setting

e-CF-Education System-B.Debski

SFIA Overview – Ian Seward

eCF Implementation – Liesbeth Ruoff

Cyber-security Framework overview – Anthony Wong

Cyber-Security specialism framework in action- Anthony Wong

Here is the WISE11 conference keynote presentation delivered by Chair Moira de Roche.

Trust & Duty of Care – WISE 2018 MdeRoche

The programme is shown below.

18 September 2018 – Frameworks overview 09:30 to 11:00

WCC2018 Programme 18 September 2018

Session Introduction• Session overview
• Brief overview of IP3 Mission & objectives
Moira de Roche - IP35
e-CF overview• Evolution of e-CF towards 4.0 including the Rolling plan for ICT standardization 2018 of EU DG for the Internal markets, Industry, Entrepreneurship, and SME
• Evolution towards the new ICT profiles and role documents http://www.ecompetences.eu/ict-profiles-update/, as released by CEN)
Irish Computer Society / eCF- Mary Cleary20
SFIA overview• The SFIA Framework
• The Global SFIA Ecosystem
• How SFIA is used
• The exciting future for an ever-evolving global framework: from Innovation to sound foundation to re-innovation
• What’s next
SFIA Foundation - Ian Seward20
e-CF In an Academic environment• The e-CF at the Computer Science Faculty of Technical University (Poland)PTI-IT Competence Council/WEiI PRz - Marek Bolanowski 20
Cyber-security Framework overview• Cybersecurity, Privacy and Technological challenges – what are Organisation and Government seeking?
• Aligning Business and Organisation priorities with security professionals
• The Professionalisation of Cybersecurity and Privacy practitioners
• Challenges & key issues – is EU GDPR transforming the landscape?
• What if we don’t?
ACS - Anthony Wong15
How Frameworks support Skills Development• Aligning career development paths with frameworks
• Why this works to develop ICT professionals
IP3 - Moira de Roche10

21 September 2018 – Frameworks Implementation 09:30 to 11:00

TitleTopics to be discussedPresented byDuration in minutes
e-CF Practical applications• Using the new e-CF profiles and role documents in different settings together with the audience, with different use casesKNVI - Liesbeth Ruoff10
How SFIA is used for membership grading• Why IITPSA use SFIA?
• Current use of SFIA
• Future plans – additional designations

IITPSA - Tony Parry10
e-CF in Computer Science educationHow the e-CF can be used in the education system for ICT ProfessionalsPTI-IT Competence Council/Ministry of Digital Affairs - Bogusław Dębski 10
Cyber-Security specialism framework in action• What’s happening around the world including EU GDPR?
• Framework for implementation

ACS - Anthony Wong10
Customising and mapping frameworks• e-CF- Try to solve 3 or 4 cases in the session: around procurement, in recruitment, on writing a new role, on request of the audience.
• Other aligned frameworks
KNVI - Liesbeth Ruoff
Other speakers
Using frameworks for accreditation - the Trust AspectHow frameworks are used for benchmarkingIP3 Standards and Accreditation Committee Chair - Adrian Schofield10
Let's get it done - Apply a framework in your contextAudience drivenFacilitate by chair with involvement from all speakers.20
CloseActions going forwardIP3 - Moira de Roche5