IFIP IP3 Thematic Workshop at WSIS 2021

Building Cyber Resilience with a Professional workforce

Tuesday, 13 April 2021 at 13:00-14:00 CEST

How to Protect infrastructure, privacy,  & consumers, and facilitate global skills transfer.

Cyber-Security track at WSIS.


The UN Secretary-General in his Jun 2020 Digital Cooperation Roadmap: Secretary-General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation (un.org) articulates the importance of many facets on digital cooperation including on:

  • Digital Capacity-Building
  • Digital Trust And Security
  • Artificial Intelligence

This workshop will highlight activities in different regions to build capacity in Digital Trust & Security for cyber-resilience in a world that went digital almost overnight.  We will explore how Skills Frameworks, Bodies of Knowledge, and Quality Assurance are developing to build capacity in Cybersecurity, creating a resilient professional workforce.


IP3 Thematic Workshop Panellists

Speaker NameCountryTopic
Moira de Roche, Chair IFIP IP3South AfricaSession Moderator
Steve Furnell
Chair IFIP Technical Committee 11, University of Nottingham
UKBuilding a Professional Cyber Security Workforce: Recognising Knowledge, Experience and Competence.
Fred van Noord, Chair Dutch Association for Information Security Professionals (PViB) NetherlandsThe realisation of Cyber Security education in the Netherlands that based on job profiles in the European e-competence framework e-CF
Anthony Wong
IFIP Vice-President
AustraliaHow to Protect infrastructure, privacy, & consumers, and facilitate global skills transfer
Robert Weisman CEO, Build the Vision, Engineer in Residence & Professor, University of OttawaCanadaThe criticality of enterprise and system architectures, especially with the internet of things, to cyber-resilience

WSIS 2021 Fred van Noord

WSIS 2021 Robert Weisman

WSIS 2021 Steve Furnell

WSIS 2021 Anthony Wong

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