Why Join IP3

Joining IP3 is for your organisation if:

  1. You can see the value of IT Professionalism to your business, society or economy
  2. You are a professional society that has or will have a certification scheme for members that recognises and rewards their competence, experience, and professionalism
  3. You wish to take advantage of the Mutual Recognition provisions of the IP3 standard.

Professionalism is defined by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, US Supreme Court (retired) as:

The essence of professionalism is a commitment to develop one’s skills to the fullest and to apply them responsibly to the problems at hand. Professionalism requires adherence to the highest ethical standards of conduct and a willingness to subordinate narrow self-interest in pursuit of the more fundamental goal of public service.

The Professional Society or Association has a role to play in:

  • Maintaining the codes of ethical behaviour that members must abide by
  • Defining the educational standards of practitioners
  • Providing/facilitating the continuing Professional Development of their members

By joining IP3, a Professional Society can remain relevant, and ensure membership growth with the associated income generation that is critical to all voluntary bodies. The Society will also become a partner in the ICT Ecosystem.

The individual IT Professional – to be called a Professional – must be committed to a code of ethics, be trustworthy, be highly skilled and knowledgeable,  and be dedicated to improving and updating his or her knowledge continually. The pay-off for the Professional is more recognition and better rewards..The Employing organisation is a very important stakeholder, as they bear the most risk.  Employing and developing professional IT staff who are certified to the requisite standard, is a very effective risk-management strategy. Furthermore, companies maintain a reputation for high-quality work, and thus attract and keep more customers. An investment in IT professionalism makes business sense since professionalism supports and develops IT professionals who have business knowledge and technical skills.

Professional IT worker = more Reliable = Reduced Risk

Academia working in collaboration with IP3 gains the benefit of proximity to an industry that employs its graduates.  A sustained focus on IT professionalism can help education institutions to deliver increased value to students and potential employers alike.

A career in an industry with professionalism at its core is much more than a job in every way and is better for the individual and society. Fewer people are applying for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs worldwide than ever before – the IP3 partnership wants to help reverse that trend.

Governments have the payoff for the country and society through the raising of professional standards in education, behaviour, and experience benefits the citizens of a country that commits to their adoption.  IT is one of the few growth industries worldwide and IT professionalism is one of the key drivers through which countries can increase their share of global revenues IT professionalism can help support increases in innovation, productivity, and prosperity – all strategic goals of governments
around the world.

Further benefits can be found on the Member Benefits page.