Eliezer Manor, one of the authors of the white paper “Coping with the Monster” offers this introduction.

This White Paper suggests a practical approach to enabling the 17 SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) published by the UN.

Modern technology is threatening the future and very existence of Planet Earth! The exponential growth of modern technology’s products, which have become ubiquitous and superabundant the world over, is leading to the whirlwind destruction and draining of Nature’s resources while byproducts and waste are piling up at an unfathomable rate.

The hi-tech sector is what is driving this exponential growth of modern technology,  so it may be said that the hi-tech sector represents the main factor standing behind the damage Earth is suffering, not least of which is climate change, a phenomenon that is threatening the future and survival of all life on earth, not to mention the very existence of Planet Earth itself.

The conception proposed by the White Paper was inspired by the actions of Alfred Nobel, who, about 150 years ago, decided to dedicate the profits he had earned from the product he invented whose goal was to destroy (i.e., TNT) to create an institution to reward individuals who promoted science, culture, and peace.  In other words, we believe that the “Monster” that is threatening global destruction can transform into the world’s savior.

The “Monster” is hi-tech. This White Paper proposes a practical, achievable way to mobilize the entire global hi-tech community to cope with the adverse results of modern technology on the environment.